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PREMIERE 2012 / 2016.

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One ticket costs 2000₽. «Family» ticket for 4 persons — 7200₽ (10% discount).

50 minutes + «tasty discussion» afterwards


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This musical play is a love expression to our families and our beloved. Willfully we abandoned all the words except for the most important ones. The story is told with the help of a special language of music, light and beauty of simple food. The story is accompanied with Vivaldi’s music (“Seasons”). However, «Vremena» for us is not just the change of seasons. The story dwells upon the issue of the time of life, our lives. The story is created by professional actors as well as by people not having such education. «Vremena» represents our thoughts about our dear families. The play is directed by Yury Makeev — professional actor and professional chef, actor in «Cheek by Jowl» (directed by Declan Donnellan), partner of Chekhov International Theatre Festival. The creators of the performance: Kseniya Yakovleva, Alexei Terekhov, Sergei Kuznetsov, Kira Mikheeva, Lubov Vdovina. Starring: Ksenia Yakovleva, Nikita Moskovoy-Russo, Mikhail Ibragimov, Kira Mikheeva, Pauline Erokhina, Valery Kalantay. Music: Antonio Vivaldi «Four Seasons».

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May 19 7 pm   MARGO workshop    Buy ticket

About the play «The Times»:

«Ogonyok» Magazine №10 (5270), 18.03.2013, Anna Leontieva: «… “Seasons” is a short story of one family with details borrowed from everyday, yet very special, life. Food plays an important part in the performance, and does it really beautifully. In the kitchen a character is frying meat, and its smell is as convincing as the acting itself. A loving couple are tenderly kneading the dough, then they are vigorously chopping up onions quarrelling over a salad bowl. You suddenly discover that a red sweet pepper does look like a heart. Despite the decorative nature of the performance, lots of people in the audience cannot help crying at the end of it. It’s just because you can speak about love, war, death and old age without showing any events, but by means of gestures, sounds, smells and images that get deep into your heart and soul. After the performance Yura, the director, lighting the way to the hall, regularly hands out paper tissues to his viewers. It’s so kind of them all to treat us to tea and cookies and sweets and what not before seeing us off into the snowstorms and traffic jams of the big city.»

«Saint Petersburg Theatrical Journal», 2013, Marina Shimadina: «… Yura Makeev’s perfomance tells us about the eternal circle of life which repeats itself generation after generation. It’s about our fathers and grandfathers who were born and bred and lived off the land, in close connection with its natural rhythms. Flour, grain, bread, water are the fundamentals of life that can take us back to its core and basic values. Without a word, but by means of the sense of touch which is emotionally transferred from the actors to the audience, they manage to awaken in us some deep underlying feelings and make us remember our own personal stories. Many actors in this theatre are amateurs, however, in no other theatre can you come across such light and warmhearted people. Judging by the excited and tear-strained faces the performance has become a kind of psychotherapy for many of the audience.»  

«Russian Journal», 01.06.12, Darya Zagvozdina «Yura Makeev has made a performance suitable for all: small children, grown-ups, young and elderly people. The kids, no doubt, will be excited by the ‘summer’, it’s exactly like at the Granny’s somewhere in the countryside. The young will tenderly remember the moment when love is being born in the hearts. And then they will probably feel again the whole gamut of the emotions surrounding it: from the tender feeling of uneasiness and shyness to the passion of love and stormy quarrels and arguments. Grown-ups will remember what it feels like being a small kid. And the elderly will realise that they are being loved and cared for. And age does not at all matter here.»

Translation of the Quotes. Olga Kirdyaeva.

May 19 7 pm   MARGO workshop    Buy ticket